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Protect your asphalt from snow and ice


Extends the life of your asphalt with a NON SLIP GRIP


Prevent water penetration and cracking.

Offering Asphalt Maintenance And Slurry Seal To Parking Lots And Large Laneways To All Of Ontario!

Not your basic sealcoating. North Star Coatings uses Gem Seal polymer-modified sand slurry made for high volume traffic areas. Heavily agitated with 1-6 pounds of sand per gallon to give your asphalt the ultimate protection from deterioration, snow plowing, oil and chemical spills. slurry last 3-5 times longer then basic oil base sealcoat and beautify’s properties with a dark matte black finish. 

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We do top quality Hot Rubber crack filling

First we prep and clean the cracks then inject rubberized crack filler heated to 400 degrees to repair your cracks properly.

We specialize in large areas of ashpalt! sealcoating in all areas of Ontario, try us!

North Star Coatings only runs top of the line equipment to get large areas done very quickly while doing the job properly and clean, so you can dont have to loose any parking spaces and buisness!

We also do basic oil based sealcoating, line striping, road sealing, sub-division sealcoating and parking lot cleaning

Have a unique job? We do so much more!

We also do airless spray painting on houses, farm buildings and asphalt based aluminum for rusty metal roofs etc…